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    Remote control & custom shortcut key app for OS X

    kimaldis Level 1

      I've been noodling away in the background for a few months now on a project that started off as a toy but grew into something a bit bigger. It's essentially a custom shortcut app that runs on a mac, allows you to configure a set of custom shortcuts that can be made to drive Lightroom. In addition it runs an HTTP server that serves files to a web browser, allowing custom interfaces to be built that can also drive Lightroom. The images below shows a rough test html page, served by the server to an iPad with sliders for controlling Basic & Vignette setting, some buttons for switching and adding photos to collections and an image info panel as well as a shot of the shortcut list I'm using to adjust vignette parameters and put photos in and out of collections.


      I have few things to tidy up but I plan on putting together a very rough screencast showing off some features which I hope will spark off some discussion. I'm mostly interested in whether there's any real interest in this and what kinds of things people might want to do with it with a view to giving me some idea of how I might proceed. It's robust but still at a stage where designing shortcuts and html pages is quite technically demanding and I need to have a hard think about how I might make more appealing to a less technically able - non coding - users. Any opinions, thoughts, ideas for remote controllers or shortcuts gratefully received.



      Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 16.47.46.png