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    Super slow performance (is there anything I can do?)


      Hey, guys, so I had this pretty weak PC that I was working with a month ago, I was working with adobe premiere and the performance was really poor. So I decided to save some money and buy a new PC so I can finally work with Premiere and After Effects without any lag. So I saved up 600 bucks and bought a PC with these Specs:


      Hard: Sata 1TB

      CPU: AMD FX 8300 (I know I could've bought Intel i7..)

      RAM: 8GB (Gonna add more ram soon)

      VIDEO CARD: DUAL GTX 1080 03G


      Then I installed Premiere, it works fine, could be a bit faster, but its not that bad. But then I opened the AFTER EFFECTS.... I just pasted some audio into the project and decided to play it.The song alone can't even play in the same speed that it supposed to play, the audio is super laggy, choppy. Im not even talking about adding effects on images and stuff. And the rendering bar is fully green in the timeline, so it has loaded, but it still plays like that. Ive set the preview quality to "Quarter" and it still plays like that. I've watched almost every video about increasing the performance in youtube, did the memory settings thing and other stuff. Is After Effects seriously that hard to run? Is this normal? Because Premiere can handle the same thing with no problems. If that is the case then after effects is optimized very bad. But I still have hope. Can you help me, guys?