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    Weird color display disparities

    virginieg99680320 Level 1

      Hello everyone!


      I am working as an icon designer and I have started experiencing color changes from a window to another. Here are some screenshots I took. At first, I thought it was PS acting up, but it still happens outside of Adobe softwares so I'm kind of confused. It's only happening on my computer (tested it on several monitors) but it isn't a monitor issue for sure as fiddling with settings hasn't improved anything (and it happens on both my monitors).



      This screenshot was directly taken on the PS canvas. The colors are off.



      This screenshot was taken from the 'Save for Web' popup screen. This is the color it's supposed to be. At first I thought it was a color profile issue, but after checking all my settings, it isn't the case.


      The weird thing is that this phenomenon keeps happening OUTSIDE of PS, on the web.


      This screenshot is from out icon bank page. This is the icon's thumbnail. Once again, the colors are dulled.


      This is from the popup that shows up when you click an icon to have a better look. Colors are back to normal.



      And this is one my colleague has uploaded on the bank from his computer. The colors appear normal. This is what made me realize how off my icons were once uploaded to the bank.


      Thanks in advance.

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          NB, colourmanagement Adobe Community Professional

          Hi viginieg,

          How frustrating.

          Are you working with 2 screens connected? Mac or Windows? I am guessing Mac.


          I have seen an issue on Mac which sounds rather like this - with dual screens (mirrored) and Photoshop, but not just Photoshop.

          In my case, opening another application will make Photoshop's display change as if it's dropped the display profile, I am convinced that it's something to do with the monitor profile implementation and OSX.

          In my case, it helped a lot to first quit Photoshop then go to Mac system preferences / displays / arrange and set the menubar onto the screen that I consider the main one [master screen]. That’s the one that has my main Photoshop editing window.

          Once you've done that, Photoshop should open on that [master] screen. Go to Photoshop - edit/ color settings and under working spaces / RGB if you click there you'll see, with in the pulldown that opens, the "monitor RGB" should be showing the icc profile for that main monitor.

          Doing that has fixed my own issues.


          [BTW do not select the Monitor RGB there in color settings by highlighting it, we don't wish to use it as our working space. Just to be sure you left all as it should be why not cancel rather than OK to exit?]


          ps, changing settings on the screen is not god, ideally you need to have a calibration and profiling method, I mean a sensor and good software to keep the system calibrated  and consistent. There is some info about that here:  display screen colour management, calibration and profiling | colourmanagement.net


          I hope this helps you, if not please come back with more detail

          if so, please do mark my reply as "helpful" and if you're OK now, please mark it as "correct answer" so others who have similar issues can see the solution


          neil barstow, colourmanagement.net

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            D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            This is consistent with using a wide gamut monitor, and viewing with and without proper color management.


            Save For Web at default settings displays without color management. To enable it, you need to check "embed color profile", and set preview to "use document profile".


            Photoshop (main app) always displays with full color management. If the file doesn't have an embedded icc profile, the working RGB is assigned.


            So. When you say you "checked your color settings", what exactly do you mean by that? Screenshots of Color Settings and the SFW window would help.


            And what monitor(s) are you using?

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              virginieg99680320 Level 1

              Good morning!


              By fiddling with the color settings on my SFW window as you explained (it worked), I went to check my general color settings and found the culprit. My RGB profile was set as sRGB IEC61966-2.1, and I actually needed to use my monitor's RGB profile for it to display correctly. Now that I have switched for this, everything displays fine. I feel a bit dumb!


              Thank you very much for your help!

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                virginieg99680320 Level 1

                Hi, I work on Windows.


                My issue has been resolved by D Fosse, but your answer was helpful. Thank you for your time.