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    iPhone videos imported into wrong folder


      Hey everyone, I haven't quite been able to find the specific issue I have Lightroom. I primarily use three different cameras (Canon 6D, iPhone 6S and GoPro's) when importing into Lightroom. The only problem I seem to have is with videos imported from the iphone, which are older and have been imported previously. Lots and lots of (older) videos seem to be placed in random erronous folders, but the capture date on the files are correct. It seems to happen randomly since I haven't been able to find a reason for this - the videos haven't been edited or changed, they are on the iphone, I have just kept some of them and should be ignored as "dublicates". Instead they are imported, and I am scared that they therefore have been moved from their original folders to these new ones (has happened with some, but annoyingly enough not all).



      Rather irritating as I have to move them manually, so thankful for any help I can get as I have a pretty large library and just recently noticed this (since I moved LR and the Library to a new PC: Win 10). I have updated to the latest version, but this seems to keep on happening (with videos previously imported, that I'd like to keep on the iphone...).


      I'd be greatful for any ideas you have, otherwhise I'll just have to remove them from the iphone I suppose.