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    Can I use a third party PKI certificate as part of an Adobe signature?


      Greetings everyone,


      I'm helping someone get set up with secure communications.  He has a third-party PKI certificate that gets used for other secure communications.  He asked about signing PDFs with his certificate. 


      I found info on how to encrypt a document using a PKI certificate issued by a third party that is already installed on the user's windows computer.  But I wanted to ask about document signing.


      We have Adobe digital signatures created for most individuals with an appearance that is their physical signature (a PDF file of a scan).   We remove most of the other parameters like name etc.  from those signatures as people find it messy and it doesn't work for what we usually use these for (signing timesheets etc.)  


      Is there some way to set up a new digital ID file that references the user's publicly issued PKI certificate  (e.g. can we somehow import it into the signature), or do we need to set up a new digital ID/signature entirely within Adobe for these PDF "signings"  that has more complete parameters, eg. full name, email, date for identification purposes?