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    Convert a file and automatically delete the original


      Hello All,


      As part of my archiving process, I make a duplicate of my files (which are in multiple folders). I then do a search for any file that is a "TIFF" within that duplicate. I would then drag all those files to a Photoshop droplet, and it would convert from CMKY to RGB, save a jpg file into the originating folder and delete the original TIFF.


      I had a working Photoshop droplet to do this, but the action is now saying "unknown command" in the actions palette. I can't remember how I was able to make the action work and can't find anything online anywhere. I even tried to look at the package contents of my droplet, but didn't see any pertinent information there. The only part that I can't get to work is the part that deletes the original file. I suppose I may be able to delete the TIFF files from the search window, but the droplet worked seamlessly so I am hoping to fix it.


      Thanks in Advance