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    Can't create a digital signature?

    Kenny Davis, Sr.

      I just got a new computer and installed an older version of Adobe that I purchased a couple years ago.  Adobe X Pro installed fine but it wouldn't let me register...the simple message was that it couldn't register at this time please try again later.  It works fine and does what I need it to do (print reports to a PDF format) but I cannot create a new digital signature.  When I go through the process the last item creating a password and when I input any password it gives an error message that the "password doesn't match" (there is only on password input so that doesn't really make sense). 


      Do I have to deactivate the software on the old computer first to get this to work?  I have to be able to apply a digital signature to my work products so if I deactivate the software on the old computer and it doesn't allow me to create on the new one then I have no work-around.


      I know barely enough about Acrobat to be dangerous but need some help as I don't want to have to buy a new version for my basic use.


      Help Please!