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    Virtual Memory + IE + CFwindow

    gayanb Level 1

      I have used cfwindows on my web page and I wanted to load the URL dynamically for that. But I was unable to do so.
      Then I made to create cfwindows when I need a new one. The problem here is when I am creating new windows the virtual memory gets filled up when I was created about 200 cfwindows.
      I was tried with refreshing the page when the cfwindow is closed but the virtual memory is still there intil I close the main window ...
      My primary question is "Is there a way to create cfwindows on IE without increasing the virtual memory ??"

      I have two requests here. If one of those is possible to do then I can come up with an solution.

      1. Is there a way to change the URL of cfwindows onshow ?
      2. Is there a way to delete the cfwindow objects instead of hide ?? (I have tried getWindowObject and to dispose it. It seems working but the virtual memory issue is still there)

      Thank you.