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    Quality of rotated shapes and images Indesign CC

    InaLandCalledHonahlee Level 1

      I have found some really complicated fixes for this issue on other forums, mostly relating to fixing the quality of rotated PNG and JPEG images, but I am wondering if there isn't a simpler solution since I am just working with a rectangle created in InDesign. I am creating a pretty simple image of a silhouette of a bookshelf. I want some of the books on the bookshelf to be leaning so I have rotated them slightly. When I do that, the edges become very jagged. It is less noticeable once I export the document to a PDF, but you can still tell that the tilted rectangles don't have smooth straight edges like the rest. I have the display performance on high quality so that's not it.... It's not really important enough to go through a long complicated process to fix it, is there an easy fix/ workaround for this problem?