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    Images associated with mental illness on Adobe Stock


      I'm finding a lot of these are very problematic and reflect a lot of stereotypes about mental illness that don't help anyone and seem at odds with Adobe's corporate policies around accessibility and inclusion.  Images that equate mental illness with violence are the type of work those in mental health advocacy are working to figut.  I would suggest you remove the tags 'mental' and 'illness' from these photos:



      Disturbed Old man Gesturing With Fist - image | Adobe Stock

      Madness mentally ill in white shirt - image | Adobe Stock


      ..and those are on the first page of results.  The same thing happens when you search for 'mental illness' and 'Hallowe'en' - the idea that mental illness is linked to violence.  It would help you as a company to go through an audit and think about the message you're sending with these tags. Some supporting guidelines are here: Using images in mental health storylines | Tips for journalists | Time To Change  and I can provide more examples of guidelines if necessary, as I'm researching stigma and mental illness.


      As a student and paying Adobe customer, I'm actively looking for stock photos as part of my research work and am disappointed that Adobe - a company that I've been actively using for the past 20 years - doesn't do much to reflect updated views on mental illness.  Please work to become part of the solution and not continue to be part of the problem.