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    Photoshop Slicing

    MrPlowvsPlowKing Level 1

      Hello friends! Is it possible to tell Photoshop to export all my slices as the exact size of the slice rather than it thinking I want them all to fit together?


      I'm slicing up a full page of print coupons to upload to our website for digital use. Each coupon needs to be 351x115 pixels and are uploaded individually, so I set the slice tool for that and went to work.  The slices overlap though so I can acquire that size for every coupon - so I was hoping on export it would just export each slice at the dimensions i set it at rather than trying to make them all fit together.


      So basically at this point they are exporting at varying heights when I went them all just to export at that 115 pixel mark I used.


      Any ideas? Thanks in advance!