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    Is this a reasonable recovery plan for a corrupted catalog situation?


      Have experienced a corrupted catalog in Adobe Photoshop LR 2.


      Was able to recover a backup catalog but loss all keyword entries.


      Input some key words to determine if the catalog would be worth keeping.


      Relaunched the catalog and the key words were retained.


      Created a new catalog, entered key words and have been able to relaunch this catalog also.


      Ideally, I would prefer one catalog with a nice, clean startup capability.


      Planning to purchase the latest version of LR.


      Hoping to combine the backup catalog & the new catalog into one catalog for use with the new version of LR.


      Thus I will be able to retain my metadata and enter key words at my leisure, thus minimizing data loss.


      I’m open to recommendations and in particular to the cleanup & prep for the new LR.



      Thanks in advance for your help.


      Russell Williams, Jr.