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    Build stuck on iphone


      I have a mac and iPhone which I am trying to load a phonegap app. My question is what to zip and upload to phonegap build. I created the sample hello world project from the phonegap desktop app and it loads properly on the mobil phonegap app.

      For the phonegap build  I have combined my www folder with all the assets plus the config.xml file into a zip. I have uploaded this zip to phonegap build and I see all the builds pass.


      But when I download it on my iPhone with the qr code on my iPhone, the app gets stuck on the Initializing, Please wait screen.


      If i press the home button and go back again, it shows the Retrieving new content with the statusbar, but the statusbar doesn't progress.

      If I press the home button once more, and go back to the app, the progress bar completes and gets blue, but nothing happens after that.


      Pressing the home button once more and going back the app, it says Hydra has decreed a new update. If I update and restart, it gets stuck again at Initializing, please wait.



      Downloading the ipa file via iTunes gives the same result.


      Any clue what I am missing?



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          gripen Level 1

          Just need to mention that I am using the cli project format, as this is the one supplied with the Hello world sample app also. So the config.xml is in the root of the project and the www folder is that project.

          So the www folder and the config.xml is what I zipped and uploaded to phonegap.