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    Where'd my options go?


      I normally upload photos from my memory card into my lightroom catalog.  I like to organize my files by year/whether business or personal/then by category.  Since the year changed, I went into my drive that stores my catalog files.  Created 2017, then the appropriate subdivisions...an exact mirror of 2016.  Now the first upload I did the files uploaded and I had options to name the folder, name files etc.   However when it loaded, the folder didn't show up in the organized file format in my catalog like my 2016 files do.  Just simply all by itself at the top of all the files.  No 2017, no subdivisions, etc.  Yet, in the actual location of the files on the drive, it's subdivided as I wanted it.  Thoughts?


      Part 2 - second import, suddenly my options for import are gone.  All I have is where I can store them and metadata, but can no longer name the files, use a counter, name the folder it's going into, etc.  What happened?  Where did I go wrong? Please help I'm on a deadline and I"m scared to import anything!

      Many thanks for your help.

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Try putting one single image directly into the 2017 folder and import that.


          Is the panel “Apply During Import” missing? If so, right-click (control-click) on another panel e.g. File Handling and put a check mark against the one that is missing.

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            lauraj51581945 Level 1

            Thank you so much! Lifesaver! I'm not sure why they suddenly disappeared, but the control+click on the panel allowed me to bring back my options.  Still having trouble figuring out why my files aren't categorized in my catalog.  If any one has insight with this, would love to keep my system going.