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    Push notification using FCM

    ansont68432460 Level 1

      Hi, am trying to integrate push plugin for sending push notification.  When i try to enable GCM in google developer console it redirects to FCM page. So I think, I might use FCM plugin for configuring push notification. I've researched for a FCM plugin which supports phonegap build. Unfortunately I couldn't find any. Could anyone help me on this? Is it possible to enable GCM without using FCM.  so that I can implement this by push plugin for phonegap build.


      I've found another method to install FCM as per below steps.



      Firebase Push notifications with PhoneGap Build using cordova-plugin-fcm - Stack Overflow


      but they have mentioned that we need to install plugin from private repository, and for this, I need a paid account, When I try to upgrade plan it shows "it is not available in your country".


      Please help me