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    where is my photos?


      I took pictures with the light room app... cloud uploaded(cloud picture icon click, right?)...

      and I worked at the LightRoomCC(Experience) with pc


      Today, LightRoomCC's Experience Period is over..

      so I installed other version's lightroom(5.4) and I logined with my ID..

      but no photos are appeared and my mobile app(light room)'s photos are disappeared!!!! all!!!!



      How to find my photos????

      What's  problem!?!?

      Please teach me how to find my photos...T.T



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          dj_paige Level 10

          Lightroom 5.4 does not know about anything you did in Lightroom CC.


          Your photos are on your hard disk somewhere, wherever Lightroom CC put them, most likely they are in the default location which is the Pictures folder; or you can use your operating system's search feature to do a search for them using your computer. Once you find them, you can import them into Lightroom 5.4.