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    Mail Merge using Acrobat XI plug-in with Password Protection


      Hi There


      I am ateempting to mail merge to PDF using the Acrobat Pro plug in in Word. The Mail merge also says it will send to email messages, which is what i want to do. I have found a very helpful discussion from 2012 which explains how to change the printer properties of the Adobe PDF printer, which the plug in uses, so that it uses security settings but when i turn on the security settings either to 'Use last know secuirty settings' or 'reconfirm security for each job' the mail merge just won't complete at all. It doesn't even give me an error message it just says 'cannot complete mail merge'.


      I know that i can create the pdf documents without security and then use an Action to password protect everything in a given file but i would still end up emailing them out indivdually which is a chore.


      Obviously my main question is above but if there is any way in Acrobat XI to add passwords en-masse having a different password for each file, that would be stupendous but i have a feeling that is just a pipe dream.