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    Migrating Preset Collection from PC to Mac



      Apologies if this subject appears on another thread but I have trawled the internet for an answer and found nothing! It may that the answer is obvious but anyhow.. I have been using Photoshop on a PC for years and I am considering a Mac for my next desktop machine. Over the years I have amassed a huge collection of presets of all types (particularly brushes, patterns, custom shapes, styles, gradients and actions) however I'm not certain that i can migrate them across platforms. Going through my entire collection and finding Mac compatible versions of each individual preset one would be an enormous chore so if they aren't compatible, that may be a deal breaker. Continuing on with Windows would be perfectly fine but before I make a decision and potentially spend money on a Mac I want to know if I'd have to start from scratch with my preset collection! Thanks in advance for any answers you guys may have.

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          I do not think there will be a problem migrating Photoshop stuff if you can get the machine on the same network. You will have a bigger problem learning to use OSX and learning where thing are kept on your mac.  Photoshop works the same on both Platforms. Mac OSX UI is somewhat different than Windows  UI and there are some file system differences  the Apple culture differs the the Windows Culture.  Apple like Microsoft have their good and bad points.  Apple is more controlling than Microsoft so there is less available software for Mac but applications work in a more consistent manner to comply with Apple standards.   These days Mac Hardware is the same hardware use in PC. Some hardware support on PC  may not be supported on Mac for there may be no Apple drivers for the hardware.    Mac and Pc are computers the require operating system and application there is nor getting around software and the will be bugs in software and all computers  core is written by imperfect humans.