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    Colour Management - Log Footage Embedded Profile being read as Rec709, Can't Change

    Derjis Level 3

      I'm doing some quick compositing for a series that was shot in LogC; they need the composited files delivered back in LogC, so everything matches when they deliver it to colour for grading.

      I'm trying to set up colour management in the project, but the footage has an HDTV (Rec.709) embedded colour profile, and AE won't let me change it.

      The workflow I've used in the past is based on Chris Zwar's great video explaining how to work with Alexa footage:

      - Go into Project Settings, change Depth to 32bpc

      - Change Working Space to sRGB

      - Interpret Footage > Main > Colour Management - Assign the footage a Colour Profile (Universal Camera Film Printing Density)


      From that point, it's pretty straigthforward to work with a properly displayed space, then render out using the same Universal Camera Film Printing Density profile to maintain the Log.


      I'm using AE CC2015.2; I've tested this with the same footage in CC2014, and have the same issue. Is there something I'm doing wrong? If not, is there a way to remove or change the embedded colour profile from the footage? Can anyone suggest a workaround? I've got a LUT that the production set up that they're using as a target, but I don't understand how to apply a LUT to the footage and still render out a final product in Log.


      For comparison, here's the footage w/ and w/o a LUT: