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    Inserting ECommerce Module in Page

    Jeremy.Bingham Level 1

      Hi... 1st question here. I have average CSS/HTML experience/understanding but for some reason, I'm really struggling with this one.


      I'm creating a "master" product page right now that I can copy and then insert data into for our various product lines. I've got the layout fairly close to what I want but at the bottom of each page, I want to insert an ecommerce module that shows the products from a specific category. This is my page so far (few things to tidy up still):


      Pump Parts & Spares


      I've had numerous problems so far with E-Commerce.... I'd like to understand those, as well as know the best method to accomplish what I want.


      If I insert any of the {module_contentholder} options, basically, nothing renders on the page. I've even used the Individual Product - Small (Backup) template designation as part of the "Insert Products with Tags module" and have gotten no where.


      On my page currently, I've attempted to insert the code from the Store Overall Layout to atleast get me moving in the right direction... Obviously there's tag from that template editor that are not valid in the page editor.


      I've thought about just inserting a master catalog "module" link inside of a content holder to see if that does anything differently and it doesn't.


      I've messed around with and edited all of the Module Template > Online Shop layout options and can't find the solution I'm looking for.


      I suspect there's a HTML/CSS combination at some point that I am not aware of or am not seeing....


      Here's my questions:

      #1... Is this possible the way I'm hoping to do it? Can I insert a line of code/module/holder that easily renders the "Online Product - Small" template into my page? I can edit the spacing, amount of products, etc....

      #2... If #1 is not possible, it is possible to insert the master catalog module (equivalent of .../store) into a page? If so, is it possible to have it default to a specific category?

      #3... I am wrong or is there really no commonality between the tags available in all of the online store modules? And none of THOSE work inside of page editors? Am I wrong about that?

      #4....Is there place where I can get literature on the attributes on the tags to further customize all the , , , , stuff?

      #5... Is the CSS for the Ecommerce section coming from a different CSS file?


      Sorry to be rambling on this... Thanks for any guidance.