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    Underline word using Find and Replace?


      Hi all. I have some documents all in the same paragraph style, where websites are frequently mentioned. These websites are not in specific character styles nor are they hyperlinks, which would have been handy. My question - how can I underline the entire website name using find and replace? I have created an underlining character style, but am not sure what variable to write after 'www.' in the search field to signify that I would like to underline everything from the www. through to the end of that word. I can't even ask it to underline to the next '.' as that character is often used in the web address. Ideally, it should underline everything up to the next space character, excluding any final punctuating character - ie www.webaddress.goeshere.co.uk. Next sentence...

      Sorry if that was a really long-winded way of explaining something simple. Previously these addresses have already been hyperlinks when I've imported them.