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    Clipping Path for Object Drawn With InDesign

    InaLandCalledHonahlee Level 1

      I created these two bookshelves using the rectangle tool in InDesign, I like how they turned out, but there is one problem. They have no clipping path options. I need InDesign to set/ activate/ recognize... whatever... a clipping path for this whole shape so that I can set a text wrap around it, and create a cast shadow for it, but I don't know how to get it to show up.



      As you can see above, all of the clipping path options are grayed out. This is preventing me from being able to apply a text wrap to the shape rather than its bounding box, or creating a cast shadow. Sorry for the extra screen, I couldn't get a picture of the menu with just one screen because alt closes the menu lol. So how to I create or get InDesign to recognize a clipping path for this object?