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    Pen-Pressure hickups




      I have an issue with Photoshop for a very long time now and it is at a point where I really get annoyed by that.

      Very often I get this very weird pen-pressure sensitivity problem where it seems to turn of and on again resulting in messy brush strokes.



      Like this:


      You can see where the pen-pressure just stop working.


      I've found an very old article about this issue and I tested that method by installing a Wacom-Driver with pre-settings but my tablet (WACOM Intuos 4) doesn't react anymore after that.
      I've had this issue since Windows 7 and still on Windows 10. I installed the latest Wacom driver and the latest Photoshop.


      I am using Lazy Nezumi Pro for stabilisation but even when I turn it off or the times where I didn't used Lazy Nezumi I got this issue.
      Also it is worth mentioning, that it happens to all tablets I used (Wacom DRAW, Wacom Bamboo) 


      My System:
      CPU: i7 3770
      GPU: Radeon R9 270x

      RAM: 16 GB


      Thank you in advance,



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          davescm Adobe Community Professional


          I use a Wacom Intuos Pro and have not see this.


          Not much help in itself, but I have shared my settings below which may help you.


          Driver version 6.3.17-3


          Pen settings :

          Note - above Windows ink is "on" for Photoshop



          In Windows Control Panel - Pen and Touch  flicks are "off"



          One other thought - do you get this when wireless, if so have you tried a wired connection?