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    Indesign crashes

    Anders Vikhult Level 1

      I try to work with a book. It is about 200 pages, but I have divided it to different documents. Each dokument is 20-40 pages. I have cleaned the cashe and the preference folders. I have even installed the program again. Nothing helps. InDesign is still crasching. It is really enoying. I am getting really angry.

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          Haeme Ulrich Level 3

          Are you working locally or on a network drive? If on a network I would try if it is running locally in order to test if it is the network connectivity. Other problems could be defect Fonts, EPS images, Cross References.


          Have you tried to export an IDML file in order to open this again an save it as a new InDesign document?

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            Anders Vikhult Level 1

            I am working locally. And I do not see why this would be so much problems. I am working with this document on two computers. On my stationary I have solved it by emptied cache and the parameter folders and then it works. On my Macbook Pro I have done everything, and I can not get it to work. InDesign just crashes. I have had this problem before when I have worked with big documents.


            Why can't Adobe solve this?

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              Haeme Ulrich Level 3

              have you tried the IDML round tripping?