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    Logging in to Adobe


      This has happened to me frequently in the past few weeks. I have fixed the problem, but I am fed up.


      Here's what happened.

      My PC crashed a week ago, and I have to reload everything.


      I try to log in to Adobe ... I have forgotten my password.

      Okay. Send me a notice to g-mail. 

      Adobe does that.

      I try to change my password. It seems I have to try something totally new. Adobe does not like repeated passwords.

      Think think think ... ah... new password.

      What's this? The feedback shows a green statement – a bright green list for everything I do right, mud red for what it thinks I do wrong. ... In mud red it hints nastily that I am using my own address. I am NOT!

      Anyway. Try again. What does thing WANT? Success. I have created a new password.


      I leave and wander around, trying to find a download for Adobe Digital Editions.

      No go.

      I have to log in with my Adobe ID again.

      Wonderful. That should be easy. I'll use my new password; I have it neatly written on the side to prevent mistakes.

      What's this? Adobe does not recognize the new password! I try again. And again. And again.

      Okay, Adobe has forgotten my password, but it seems I have to take the blame.

      I have to change my password. Again. 

      Again Adobe tells me I must not use my address.

      I was NOT using my address in the password, but fine. Fine fine fine.

      At last I hit upon fresh password that is mildly insulting to Adobe, but at this stage, very memorable to me.

      NOW it works.

      But I am fed up – hence this rant.

      I will not forget the latest password. This time Adobe made it stick.