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    GTX 980Ti problems with Prem Pro cc 2015


      Just slotted in the GTX 980ti into my machine running i7 3.3 GHz - 32gb Ram

      Loading up Premiere Pro CC2015 

      I am not seeing a great deal difference in render times from my GTX 770 or even 580

      The Mercury PLayback engine is on and selected -

      Is there a specific disk configuration to make this work - am I bottlenecking ?

      I am stacking layers of video to test the power - there is not much difference between my old GTX 580 £50 card and this one

      One good thing is that is it playing back 4k files on VLC player just about ,

      any thoughts on this greatfully accepted !

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          R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Having no clue to the material you're rendering, there's no way I can guess if or whether you have a problem there or not.


          The GPU only does certain things ... and the vast majority of rendering work does not involve the GPU. So ... again ... GPU's are used for scaling frame-sizes, Lumetri & some other color effects, and a few other things. There's a list of GPU-accelerated effects, and if your sequence doesn't use those items continuously, you'll not see a big difference in render times.


          Second ... even if you are using GPU accelerated effects, if the rest or your computer's hardware isn't up to passing data forth & back rapidly on a sustained basis, you'll still have those bottlenecks.


          The typical plan for working with PrPro up until recent months has been built on using either 4-6 separate drives with high-speed connections to the motherboard or a 4-8 drive RAID 0 stripped array for data in/out sustained speeds, along with a ton of RAM, and at least four physical cores to the CPU. One dispersed major sections of the PrPro data-chain around those drives, each to a separate drive to avoid read/write issues, such as OS/programs; media cache & media cache database; previews; project files; media; and exports, on up to that many different drives.


          New tech is coming into the drives, so there are some situations where the right make/model of say an NVMe or m.2 drive can sustain such a high read/write number that it can replace several to all of the old-style layout of project parts.


          So ... what kind of media and effects are you using, and what is the total hardware of that computer? And how are you laying out the parts of the PrPro workflow?



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            billgeorge2016 Level 1

            Hi thanks for your comments


            I am editing  HD - Mp4 XAVC -,  XDNHD files , and H.264 files   -  I hope to edit 4K pro Res aswell at some point


            My system is  

            INTEL Core i7 5820K OC 4.2Ghz CPU, ASUS X99-A/USB3.1 Motherboard, 32GB 2133Mhz DDR4 Crucial RAM


            I am running 5 SSD drives in the machine -  2 x 512GB  2x 256GB  1x 128GB


            I have the option for the high speed motherboard SDD connections


            I have got footage running from a seperate drive form the program and a seperate media Cache drive


            I use Lumetri , Resizing , Fast Colour Corrector , -  Genarts Sapphire plugins in Premiere

            colour levels , echo ,  most of multiple layers of video , collaged , as much as I can , I want to layer up 4k video aswell


            Adobe After Effects - Trapcode - plugins



            All I have heard is that I must get the 980Ti  , from dozens of different sources , overwhelming amount of people ,                    

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              R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I'm moving this to the Hardware forum, as at this point I think bringing in the best minds and experience on the hardware side of utilizing the Adobe DVA's would be good. Get you better and faster information ...