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    Adding a "mat" with a double stroke now impossible?


      I used to be able to easily add a double mat and 2 keyline strokes around an image but it seems impossible now. What happened? I cannot add a blank layer, select all, and put a stroke around that for the inner mat, nor even add canvas and put a stroke around that. I tried creating a new file larger than the image to put underneath but it keeps coming out the same size when I move it to the image. what have you done Adobe? I need to be able to make this happen asap!

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          I wonder if there is different terminology going on here, because I am not understanding your question.  I think you are talking about a Matte that surrounds a printed image inside a frame.  Is that right?  If yes, that would be done with and Action, and looking at the Actions that come with CC 2017, while there a number of frames, there is not one that would fit your description.

          It would be fairly easy to create such an Action.  If you have an example image, I'm sure someone would explain the steps.

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