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    Mandatory installation of true key and macafee


      If I agree to update regularly my Adobe Flash Player I do not want to install anything at all in addition, unless I am freely asked to anwer yes or no as per my sole wish. And I do want also to be able to uninstall additions like MacAfee and True Key by Intel Security.


      But, this evening, as soon as I accepted the update of Adobe Flash, the wizard installed without any possibility to refuse, Mac Afee and True Key.


      Later I could uninstall MacAfee, but not True Key. True Key is indeed listed in the menu but when I click right mouse to select uninstall, I am sent to Windows config panel for programs under which True key is not listed.


      Please, change your marketing and sales policy, and indicate me a safe process to uninstall True Key.



      Vincent Cousin

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          1. don't let the flash player update automatically

          2. unselect the tag-along-ware when installing flash player

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            I've run into this problem too. Although Adobe swears there is always an option to opt-out of the sneaky additional software installs, my experince and others say they often do not give you the option. McAfee more often than not is automatically installed with Flash, the opt-out screen magically is never displayed.


            There is an opt-out screen the trick is getting it to come up. As I said before often, "magically" the opt-out screen is not displayed. Here is what worked for me to get to the opt-out screen. Navigate to the main Adobe page and select "Flash Player" under "Downloads" .

            That should bring you to this page:


            From here if you select "Download the Adobe Flash Player ...." you won't get the opt-out requestor. And McAfee and who knows what else will be automatically installed along with the flash player. I found that if I updated my region I did get the opt-out requester but it doesn't always.



            THe red arrow shows where the link to the region selector is. I picked "Canada English" but select whereever you are. If you don't see the opt-out selectors in the middle column then select the link marked "Do you have a different operating system or browser?"


            That should bring you to a screen where on the left you can select your browser and OS via drop-down selectors. In the middle column should be the optional installs. It might have McAfee and or True Key, mine just had True Key alone. These will be selected by default, so remember to deselect the components you do not want. When you have what you want hit the download button. Mine did not have an option for McAffee only True Key for some reason. I half expected it was going to install McAfee anyway but I tested it and it didn't. It only installed Flash and Flash alone. And what's more I did get the requestor if I wanted automatic updates too. I recommend NOT selecting automatic updated as it will automatically install the other software when it does.


            Hope this works for you like it did for me, and I hope it helps.

            God bless.

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              maria__ Adobe Employee

              Hi Alawishis


              Thanks for posting the detailed information, including screenshots.  What OS are you able to reproduce this on?  I'm not sure it matters, but what is your internet connection speed.  I will forward your post to the team that handles that page.  As you mention we have received numerous reports of the optional offers not displaying for some customers, but thus far we are unable to reproduce the behaviour.  I was able to reproduce using your steps, but will continue to try.

              Regarding the statement "I recommend NOT selecting automatic updated as it will automatically install the other software when it does."  This is incorrect.  Selecting automatic updates configures the system to receive updates via the Background Update service, which downloads and installs Flash Player silently in the background.  The Background Update installers do NOT contain any third party offers.  Third party offers are ONLY listed on adobe.com download page where users have the opportunity to accept or deny the offers.




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                sreeharshac Adobe Employee

                Hi Vincent Cousin


                Thanks for reporting the issue, we tried uninstalling of True key from our end. It got uninstalled successfully.


                I am attaching uninstall process of True key here. please let us know are you getting these options during uninstall of True key .

                Please go to Control panel , Select True key and click on Uninstall, then we should get below showed process.





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                  BULL! I just updated Flash and there was no mention of optional software, but the installer tried to install McAfee (couldn't because of an error) and installed True Key. It's about time to uninstall Flash and skip the sites that use it.