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    Healing brush broken again

    Rod Pickett Photography Level 1

      My healing brush is once again leaving trails in Photoshop CC after the latest update. It appears to be the same behavior that happened a few updates ago. Anyone else having the same problem? I hope this has an easy fix since it has been addressed successfully in the past.

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

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            grauenwölfe Level 2



            You noticing it when healing to empty layers above the source or directly on the source layer? Or both? Also, are you using the Legacy Healing option or the new, default algorithm with 'diffusion" and all that jazz?


            Was a huge problem in 2015 / 2015.5 versions. I haven't noticed much in 2017 with the Legacy Healing option on, but to be honest I had to stop noticing it and trying to troubleshoot it and just move on with work.