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    Lightroom no longer importing where I tell it to


      I want to start this question with stating that this is probably something as simple as I have something incorrectly selected, and am not blindly blaming Lightroom for suddenly not working. It's entirely possible I clicked something or hit a keystroke while moving between Lightroom and Photoshop and changed an import setting.


      So, I have noticed that suddenly, after years of organizing my photos into folders as I import them to Lightroom directly from my camera (Canon 60D) that instead of importing into the specific folder I type in (under destination, "Into Subfolder" checked on, name of subfolder typed in) it adds it to a generic "2017" folder.


      Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 7.07.51 PM.png




      I want to create a subfolder titled "OLE YMCA luau" in my folder "60D" located on my desktop. Up until 2 weeks ago, this would create a subfolder, and import the raw files there. Now, it has created a "2017" subfolder in the "60D" folder, and imports all photos into that subfolder. I have done this with every import for 2 weeks now, type in a new subfolder name (for the event I'm photographing) and the folder is never made, instead the files go into the mystery black hole "2017" folder.


      Anyone know how to fix this? It's getting increasingly annoying to have to go back in and make these folders after importing, move the files, then go into Lightroom and tell it "these photos are over here now" every time. I often have to import a few hundred photos a day, and having this extra few steps is costing a lot of time.