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    Camera Raw Image boxes when editing

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      IMG_7159.JPGIMG_7160.JPGHey guys, ran into a problem today when editing that hasn't happened before.


      When editing an image in both camera raw in PS and LR, the image turns to a bunch of boxes when I start adjusting with the sliders.


      See attached pics.


      I'm running Windows 10 64 bit on a 6700k with 32 GB of RAM and a GeForce GTX970 MSI card.


      The only thing I changed recently was the driver for the GPU. I had to roll it back six versions as the newest would not allow compatibility with either program.


      Something about Open GL but that corrected the issue and all has been fine.


      The only other thing that I could think of is there was a Windows update and I cannot recall if I've edited anything since. I've got updates turned off and a metered connection so I really hate the MS just does what the hell they want pushing an update down your throat.


      Just seeing if anyone else has encountered this issue as I could not easily find anything in search.


      Thanks for your help as always-

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          gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Uncheck Use GPU in Camera Raw Preferences. Sometimes the ACR GPU function causes that problem even when the image is being edited in Photoshop.


          Disable Camera Raw GPU.png

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            WireHaired Level 1

            Thanks for the reply gener7-


            So in short, yes, this solution works but in doing so, I now lose the ability to edit and utilize my GPU in either program so this is at best a workaround.


            I'm not sure who isn't fixing this issue be it Nvidia or Adobe and some of us are caught in a chicken and egg scenario.


            If I update my GPU driver to the current one, there is no ability to use my GPU as Adobe states it's not compatible, even though it is more than compatible. In doing this I'm stuck.


            If I roll back my driver then it allows me to utilize my GPU to edit in Camera Raw, but then I get the box issues as the images above.


            The troubling thing is this worked perfectly for a large edit I did just recently so I'm not sure why all of a sudden it doesn't with no Adobe or GPU updates.


            I guess the point is I want to use my GPU so unchecking it while solving the problem, really doesn't solve the problem.


            I'd be open to any other ideas. By the way I did disable the resident GPU so there was no confusion.



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              gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Understand this is the GPU setting for Camera Raw and not Photoshop. You won't disable anything in Photoshop.


              If you are using Windows where you can roll back from a buggy graphics to one that works, that step is not necessary, unless changing drivers does not work.


              If you own a Mac where the drivers are issued by Apple, then you can't independently update or roll back drivers. In that case the GPU uncheck would be the only option short of replacing the card in a desktop unit or upgrading to a better laptop.


              Some PCs and Macs have two cards, low performance to save on power and a high performance card for high demand apps. Sometimes you have to force the high performance card for some apps instead relying on "automatic switching".

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                Yes, all I meant was takes away the ability to use my GPU with Camera Raw in either LR or PS programs, not that PS itself was limited outside of that.


                I use Windows and a Mac with this issue being specifically on my Windows desktop that I built. Again, the only other graphics on the machine is the resident Intel HD Graphics 530.


                Since changing the GPU driver did not seem to alleviate the issue, is your suggestion to roll back the Windows GPU driver, or the last update altogether? I did review the update and it appeared there was nothing that would have been consequential to this issue. Also, depending on if I understood your suggestion, would rolling back Windows drivers/updates impact this since I have the Intel GPU disabled?


                As written by Adobe Staff on the GPU use in these programs and the fact I'm trying to drive a 32" ProArt 4k monitor:


                Lr can now use graphics processors (GPUs) to accelerate interactive image editing in Develop. A big reason that we started here is the recent development and increased availability of high-res displays, such as 4K and 5K monitors. To give you some numbers: a standard HD screen is 2 megapixels (MP), a MacBook Retina Pro 15" is 5 MP, a 4K display is 8 MP, and a 5K display is a whopping 15 MP. This means on a 4K display we need to render and display 4 times as many pixels as on a standard HD display. Using the GPU can provide a significant speedup (10x or more) on high-res displays. The bigger the screen, the bigger the win.


                The speed of my workflow has significantly decreased so I really hope there is a solution to be found.


                Sorry for all of the questions but I do appreciate you helping me find resolution to this-

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                  gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  I have to leave now, and when I get back I'll followup.


                  It's common for Adobe products to run into problems with video drivers where they would not in other apps running on your PC.

                  So if that earlier driver fixes it and allows you to get on with work, by all means do that.


                  Rolling back drivers sometimes helps because the updated drivers may have bugs the Adobe programs are hitting.


                  Nvidia should also have experimental drivers you may want to try out.


                  And of course search Nvidia's forums for a second opinion. Hopefully they have seen this problem and can better advise.

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                    I'm going to check with NVIDIA as well because the answer doesn't seem to be here even though it was working and then stopped working without any system or driver updates.


                    As a professional photographer who uses Camera Raw in both PS and LR to work without a GPU significantly impacts my workflow.


                    Pre-rolling back drivers I am in the same seat as I am post rolling back drivers. GPU either does not work or GPU "works" but really does not.


                    On top of that Adobe's Camera Raw guidance specifically lists my card and driver versions that are supported yet do not work.Regardless with what NVIDIA says, I don't know why Adobe would ever post their products work with GPU's/Drivers that don't? I've rolled back drivers back to as late as Adobe states support and every version from that state to current will not recognize the GPU and Open GL 4.4. The only one that does gives me those lovely boxes every time I touch a slider.


                    I'm sure you can sense the frustration but it is not directed at you, it's directed at a product that doesn't work.


                    I'll let you know what I find out over in their forum but if it's anything like software companies I've dealt with, there's about to be a bunch of finger pointing. It might finally be time to finally make the move to Capture One and be done with these issues altogether.

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                      gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      I can also suggest opening a chat session with Customer Care. They can remote look at your PC and they are Adobe Support while are User to User Forum Support..


                      As a CC Subscriber you are entitled to it.


                      Start Here: Contact Customer Care and be ready to replicate the problem for them to see.


                      Maybe they can get results.  Let me know.



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                        eric from baltray

                        I have the very same problem, it was alright up until a few weeks ago and then it somehow just entered the workflow, the suggestion for a fix has solved the problem but to what cost, I don't know if the processing is at the same level.

                        It would be nice if there was more info on this matter from adobe.

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                          davescm Adobe Community Professional


                          The image processing will be at the same level - there may be a difference in speed.
                          The most likely cause of a sudden change in behaviour, if you have not changed the ACR version, is that your graphics drivers have been updated. If you are on Windows you could try rolling back the driver. I had to do this recently when AMD released a driver update that caused Lightroom and ACR to crash.