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    Phonegap app server


      App on phone won't except the phonegap server address.

      Error messages are:

      "Unable to download archive from the server"

      and " Unable to properly connect to the server"



      Nicole Williams

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          kerrishotts Adobe Employee

          Ensure that:

          • your phone and dev machine are on the same networks, and that your phone can reach your dev machine (any ping app should do the trick)
          • your dev machine has a firewall exception for the port you're trying to use
          • your dev machine's anti-virus software isn't blocking the attempt


          How specifically are you starting things up on your dev machine? Are you using the PhoneGap Desktop app or the PhoneGap CLI (phonegap serve)?

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            herm.wong Adobe Employee

            Does your app include large media files?


            If the app that you're trying to preview is too large it can cause the connection between the Desktop App and Developer App to time out.