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    Gifs won't play in frames


      I've tried searching for this at length, only finding this: how do I make a Gif play in Image Frame in Muse


      I also see this, but it requires a paid purchase of the widget:How can I embed a gif animation into Muse

      I'm having the same problem as the first OP but the suggestion of pasting a gif in place into the frame just doesn't work

      Besides which, I'd like to drag and drop gifs into frames to try different arrangements with a dozen or so gifs.


      Am I just missing some default frame setting for non playback? Or is it just too much to expect this to so work so simply?


      I appreciate any help at all!

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          Ussnorway Adobe Community Professional

          alxmpr wrote:


          Am I just missing some default frame setting for non playback?

          I think so yes... a gif is an image format and you have no control over how it plays unless you;

          1. make custom control code like that 123muse widget or

          2. use parallex scrolling (not really a gif but the same effect)


          the widget also allows you to have more than 1 gif playing on the same page without their getting mixed up but the demo already tells you how to make your own gifs from Photoshop


          p.s, if your gif didn't just play then its not a gif mate... check the export settings