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    Table of Contents (TOC) leading and spacing

    keithconover Level 1

      I am trying to create a very simple, basic Table of Contents.

      I set up styles for the TOC entries, with 10/12 point text, and no paragraph spacing before or after. The styles are set to align the first line to the 12-point grid.

      But something strange happens:



      I then realized that my dot leader was defined with a TOC Tab Underline character style, and that it had left-over point size and leading from a prior TOC I had done with 16/24 point text. Once I changed this character style to 10/12 point size, things looked a lot better:


      That trick of having a character style for the tab underline is very helpful, but in this case, caused some side effects. Posting this here in case anyone has the same problem.