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    Texture Help!


      Recently I found a bizarre looking material and wanted to use as a texture for a project of mine. Can anyone suggest a way of making a texture, which is similar looking to that exact material.timascusMoab2.jpg

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Nothing bizarre about it. It's basic Damascene steel:


          Damascus steel - Wikipedia


          Typically this would be simulated using procedural "marble" textures in 3D programs or filter generators like Filterforge. The coloring in the image is probably merely a combination of clever lighting, reflection cards and the inherent qualities of the folded steel layers as they are treated with acids and then polished and rinsed with oil, giving a "thin film" dispersion effect like a soap bubble. Additional treatments like anodizing the steal or temperature regimens that give it a blue sheen could of course be involved, too. in any case, only the original photographer can tell you the details, but it should be easy enough to find info on the web based on my hubbub.



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            davescm Adobe Community Professional


            You could try and simulate it using layers and strokes/gradients










            Then some noise and motion blur to create a bump layer to give some "scratch"










            Needs more to work to get it right - but it hopefully it will get you going



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              Semaphoric Adobe Community Professional

              You could make a pattern like this using the Clouds filter,with some sort of Posterization and/or Gradient Map, maybe with a Hard Mix blending mode, maybe a Mask for some Layer Effect?