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    Parallax Scrolling Problem

    khairultohin1 Level 1

      Hi, I want to apply parallax scrolling in adobe muse fluid width. I use this code-

      <script type="text/javascript">

          var ypos,image;

          function parallex() {

              image = document.getElementById('u115');

              ypos = window.pageYOffset;

              image.style.top = ypos * .7+ 'px';


          window.addEventListener('scroll', parallex),false;



      Here is the link-Home

      It works when I used hero image and "image.style.top = ypos * .7+ 'px'". But its not work in center position image. I tried to use  image.style.fixed/relative/center/absolute. Only work in image.style.top. If I use it center position image by image.style.top, image jump in top when I scroll. How do I fix it? Any solution for middle or center image?

      Thank you