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    No GPU usage when transcoding with CUDA?


      Hey guys - I've been using Adobe CC for a while now but recently I've been trying to broaden my usage.  I might be completely missing something obvious here, which I'm willing to be told as part of my learning process, but when using AME to transcode H.264 to Cineform using GPU acceleration I'm seeing no GPU usage.  I've got a number of different systems here including a box with a GTX 1070, Quadro M4000 and a FirePro W9100, I'm trying to test which GPU is best for transcoding (i.e. the W9100 for OpenCL vs the Quadro for CUDA) but as I can't see any GPU activity I'm not sure if I'm even doing this right.  You can see in the image below I'm using CUDA acceleration for Cineform and this is with the GTX 1070, it's well into an encode, but there's no GPU utilisation at all.  Anybody able to let me know what I'm missing? Is this encode supposed to use GPU acceleration as the renderer suggests, or is this a CPU locked activity?