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    How to create an vertical long scrolling pages interactive ePUB?

    draakjex Level 1



      I am creating an interactive ePUB in Adobe InDesign CC 2017. Normally, the sizes are, for example, width 768 px height 1024 px, but my idea was now to create an ePUB with scrolling pages. I am all day searching on the Internet for tutorials or any explanation. But so far I have not found the answer. To give you a better insight, below a picture of what I mean, an example a YouTube movie this is unfortunately a few years back and the option Folio Builder is no longer available on the version I InDesign now.





      screenshot 2017-01-21 om 21.55.03.jpg


      The image above is an example how the ePUB looks now if I export from InDesign. Maybe useful to know, I have made it first in Photoshop and then exported as PNG. So in principle it is only a picture I have placed in InDesign. I hope there is someone who reads this and has a solution for my question!


      In advance thanks for your time!