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    Dynamic Masking by Movieclip

    Varun Upadhyay Level 1
      I am facing a silly problem but i can't figure out that solution. so i want urgent help.

      I am taking a Movieclip, which has some animation of Square Box, as a Masking Movieclip. Now I am loading a Image in a blank Movieclip. And giving Masking of that Sqaure Box Movieclip. But thats not showing me masking. Both are visualizing individually.

      Code is As Follow:
      //1. blank_mc is on Stage and a blank movieclip.
      //2. MaskMC is a animated Movieclip of SquareBox and attaching via code in Stage
      //3. Setting Mask
      _root.attachMovie('MaskMC', 'mask_mc', 10);

      But both Movieclips are coming in stage individually. Am i missing some thing or have to do any change. Please help me urgently