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    Error 16 with Lightroom 6.8 on Mac 10.11.6


      Hello. I've been using Lightroom (desktop, not CC version) on a Mac for about a year with no issues, but tonight have encountered the Error 16 message requesting reinstallation.


      I've followed the instructions in the article below while logged in as an admin, making sure to unlock the dialog box and then click the gear icon to apply permissions in SLStore and Adobe PCD to all enclosed items, but it's not resolved the problem.

      Configuration error in Adobe Creative Cloud or Adobe Creative Suite


      I've also tried creating a different admin account and changing the permissions from that but it didn't solve the issue.


      Are there any other steps I could usefully try to debug this, or is reinstallation the only option if the file & folder permission change doesn't resolve the problem?



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          paulr57022030 Level 1

          I've managed to get Lightroom working again but the solution wasn't an obvious one. I opened the Adobe Application Manager on my Mac, which then proceeded to update itself to the Adobe Creative Cloud. After logging into the app, it listed Lightroom CC 2015 as being installed. However, before uninstalling Lightroom I thought I'd click Open from within the Creative Cloud app - and it worked perfectly.


          Opening Lightroom from the usual Launchpad shortcut now also works fine. I'm not sure why this has worked, but posting it just in case anyone else encounters the same issue.