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    Adobe Digital Editions - Blank Screen no visibility of books/library


      Hello, Just in the last week all 3 of our computers are doing the same thing. We open Adobe Digital Editions and get a Blank Screen. You can not see books / bookshelves or the library. There are definitely books there that we have borrowed & downloaded from the Public Library. But we can't see them to be able to read them. Nor can we see our E-Book Readers when we connect those to the PC.


      I tried to Unistall & Re-Install ADE on one of the Laptops and it worked for one night. The next day we were back to a blank screen. So I tried to Unistall, Rename the "My Digital Editions" Folder to "My Digital Editions.Old" then Reinstalled ADE. Again, it worked for one night and the next day we were back to a blank screen. This is obviously very frustrating and since it is happening on 3 different computers I can't blame the computer! Does anyone have any suggestions.


      We are going on a holiday in a few weeks time and want to be able to have Library Books loaded onto our E-book Readers / Laptop before we go.


      This is what the screen looks like.



      Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give.