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    LR 5.7.1 won't start (not CC version)




      I'm kind of desperate for help, as I keep trying to get my LR version to work again, which it did absolutely fine until last week it suddenly stopped doing anything. Everytime I click the icon to start it, nothing happens except for a process being started in background. I'm currently working on a Win10 computer, which as i said was no particular problem until now.


      I worked my way through the "usual methods" to fix this: restarted in safe mode, uninstalled and reinstalled, tried to reset the settings, updated drivers etc.

      As I purchased the student and teacher version a few years (2?) ago, I don't use the creative cloud and Adobe does not support it anymore as they say. If anyone has any idea on how to get my favourite program to go back to work again, your help would be very appreciated.


      Thanks in advance!