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    Can't install app on iOS with development provisioning profile




      I want to test an app with In App Purchases.

      That it will work I must use the provisioning profile of that app id where I created the in app purchases.

      Normally I use one development key for all apps to just test them.


      If I want to install the app on my iPhone with my default key it works.

      But if I select my new key, the window where you can press the "install" button doesn't appear

      I already tried to install on my iPad, revoked my old developer certificate and created everything new.

      I tested with another app with in app purchases where it also works...


      Just the one key which I need to test my in app purchases doesn't work!

      (Also uploaded several zips)

      They all work with all other keys, except the one I need.

      Also I'm able to download the .ipa on my computer, but not an my apple devices.



      Please help me.

      Thank you!

      Marco !