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    Can I create a project at 1024x768 @23.976fps? (PEL 13)


      Hello all,


      I need to create a 1024x768 video, progressive, at 23.976 fps. No preset matches this and, if I drag a video with these specs into a new project, its settings don't auto-change to the video, but to the nearest preset.


      Is there any trick to get PEL 13 to work at this resolution/progressive/frame rate?


      If not, I can progressively loosen my criteria if PEL will get me close to what I want. Alternate project settings would be (preferable first):

      • Any 4:3 resolution, progressive, at 23.976 fps
      • Any 4:3 resolution, interlaced, at 23.976 fps


      (An even less-desirable option, 480x720 4:3 interlaced 29.97 fps, is available from the DV Standard preset. It would look terrible on my 1024x768 projector.)