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    temp file limit




      I have windows 7 and photoshop cs5. Also i have sort fo dedicated drive for photoshop to use as a scratch disk.

      This is a 30gb drive but it has only 11gb free space left. Anyhow when i try opening a relatively big psd file it says

      'scratch disks are full' while the photoshop temp file size is 4095 megabytes. There  is still 7gb free space on the drive

      however the temp file size cannot exceed 4095mb mark whatever file i open.


      The disk looks to be fine. I tried to free some space on it then I copied large files to it to fill it almost to the brim.

      The result allways remained the same. The temp file size cannot exceed 4095mb.

      Is there a limit for the photoshop temp file? If so is there a way to adjust it?


      Thanks in advance.