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    Save for web saving all images at 300ppi


      Hi I am resizing my images for the use on my website. That's my steps:


      1. I am resizing all of my images in "Image Size' module to 72pi

      2. Exporting images using "Save for web"


      Simple procedure but it doesn't work as it used to. When I was using "Save for Web" before all of the images were saved at 72ppi but now all of them are saved at 300ppi when I am saving with "all except camera info" selected. I know that the ppi value doesn't matter on screens but I want all of my images to be saved at 72ppi to prevent someone from downloading them from the website and printing. Why "Save for web" module is changing my ppi value? My camera is producing 300ppi files on default however I resized the image to 72ppi before saving. Do the file is still carrying info which prevents PS from saving at 72ppi? Thanks