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    Aligning Horizontal Lines


      Hello all.  I hope someone will be able to assist me with an answer for the following.


      I am hoping that someone can suggest a way to crop images in lightroom (or Photoshop) so that the horizontal line in multiple images is in exactly the same position/location in each image.  Please note that I am NOT asking how to straighten a horizontal line - I am very familiar with this process.


      What I am asking is -


      I have multiple product shots that each have a horizontal line in the image.  All these product images will appear side by side on the same web page, so I would like the horizontal line to be in the same position in all the images so that it is not distracting for the viewer.  When I shot products at the same time, it is easy to produce this in camera as I use a tripod and just switch out the product.  However when I set up sometimes months later, the horizontal line is not in the same place as previous images, so I need to know how I can crop and position the horizontal line in a uniform position across multiple images.  I have enough room around each product to crop the image.


      Is anyone able to assist.


      Please note again:  I am NOT asking how to straighten a horizontal line in an image, I am asking how to get the horizontal line in exactly the same position/location on multiple images.


      Thanks for all your assistance.

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          jefffphoto Level 1

          hi there,

          is the product in the same place in relation to the horizontal line in the second shoot as in the first? Or are you just needing to move the line itself?


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            iainm17153881 Level 1

            Hi Jeff.  Here is an example of what I am asking.  I have other images of other products that are a similar set up.  I just want to have that horizontal line uniform across all images.  Thanks for any tips or advice.



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              iainm17153881 Level 1

              Actually, this is better example.



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                ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

                Great example with the yellow and blue bowls.


                Unfortunately, there is no easy way to do this in Lightroom. Partly because cropping in LR is an unexact process.


                My first thought is to pull all the images into Photoshop as layers, align them, crop them, then separate the layers.

                Multiple better ideas would not surprise me.

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                  WobertC Adobe Community Professional

                  It will be a manual process in Lightroom.

                  My thought might be to use Auto-sync to apply a crop to each photo.

                  Then switch auto-sync off, and  select each photo singly and move it up/down to place the 'table horizon' line in the same place of the crop frame. [ O ] will change the overlay grid lines for visual alignment.

                  It will not be exact but 'close' visually.


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                    jefffphoto Level 1

                    Thank for the examples. Here is what i think, if all your second shoot is identical; i.e. camera on the tripod and only changing out the product, to have the horizontal line in the same location, you would have to manually crop the second shoot photo to match the first shoot. Just like wobertc said. But i think if you then sync the crop to of the first image to of he second shoot to the rest then it should work out for you. There might be a few you need to manually tweak, but that s better than doing it all manually.


                    Keep in mind that will not change the point of view of the image. The second shoot, the camera was higher and Lightroom can't change that.


                    Hope that helps.