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    Animations not working

      Hello! I have a big problem, and am hoping you can help me.

      I am doing full motion capture demonstrations. So far, the first couple dozen have gone fine. There is frequently scrolling needed in the windows, which Captivate captures as an animation. This works perfecty for our needs.

      Until today. As of today, the animations seem to be captured. When I preview the slide with the animation, I can see it perfectly. But when I preview the entire presentation, it whites out the slides with the animation.

      This is a huge problem for me. Any suggestions?

      Note: I don't think this is a Captivate issue exclusively. Adjustments were made to our system today, and I think there is something going on with the Flash Player. But I'm not sure how to fix it to make Captivate do what I need it to do.

      Any help you can give would be appreciated.