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    Password protection on PDF


      I have been told that if you password protect an Adobe PDF document there are software programs that can unlock it.  I sell horse racing tips from my website [Irrelevant link removed. -Mod.] but I want to give my customers a unique password and lock the document.  Is this a waste of time.  i am trying to prevent the document from being emailed around to other non-customers.  This happens a lot when people subscribe to sites such as mine.  i suppose that they could pass on the password as well but it would be an extra level of control.  Are there any other security features that would stop people passing on my PDF file.

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          gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There are two kinds of security passwords. Document Open and Permissions.


          Document Open is what you want and if you use a password, it is very secure. Only the person with the password can open it to see the contents.


          Permissions is quite different. You can open the document, but Printing and Editing can be disabled. That is the one which can be unlocked with third party tools.


          So open your PDF, go to File > Properties > Security Tab and check that first option. Set a strong password and only the people you share the password with can open it and see the contents.


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            gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I did see a reply to my comments, but it's no longer there. Try again and if the answer I gave settles your question, mark it as "correct" to let others know it's been solved.

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              If you open the password-protected document having other, say, 40 documents open in Acrobat Reader, you will not be prompted for a password. Or at least, that's what has just happended to me when opening my bank statement (serious thing, right?). I had opened some other statements before, as well as other non-protected documents, and kept them all open. After some 40 or 45 documents, Adobe Reader DC is not asking for a password anymore, even when the documents are password-protected. Where can I report this as a bug? Is this the right place? FYI, I'm using:



              Architecture: x86_64

              Build: 17.12.20098.240878

              AGM: 4.30.71

              CoolType: 5.14.5



              OS: Mac OSX 10.12.6

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                gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                It's best you open your concern as a new topic. Tacking a different problem on to another thread gets it little if any notice.

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