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    New purchaser of Adobe Photoshop elements 15


      I received Adobe Photoshop elements 15 as a Christmas gift. I have yet to install the program as I'm hesitant and have questions regarding this program. Question one:   Do you have to subscribe or annually pay for the Adobe software to run this product?  Question two:  Does this product continually run off an internet connection or do you need to internet to connect once installed?  I live in a very rural area where I have very slow internet connection at times.


      Thanks for anyone who is willing to help in answering these questions for a newbie!

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There is not a subscription for PSE15, no. 


          A small amount of internet is needed to convert the redemption code to a serial number, once, and to license the software on up to two computers once you have the serial number, then periodically the license is checked, I imagine.  These activities wouldn’t use much data, I don’t think.


          There might be some internet content that PSE tries to retrieve from time to time.   If your internet is charged by the megabyte that might be a concern.  If you just pay a monthly fee no matter how much you use then it’s probably ok. 


          The internet would be needed to update to PSE15.1 at some point, and to get any Camera Raw plug-in updates if you have a new camera that’s come out after PSE15 was released, until mid-summer when PSE16 would likely be programmed and they stop CR updates for PSE15.  Updates would be several hundred megabytes in size.  If you can get by without updating or if the internet is fast from time to time or you can take your computer somewhere else with faster internet periodically for updates that you should be ok.

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            jamdl Level 1

            Thank you for the information!  You've been extremely helpful!  Since i'm not a big 'Tech' kindof person I have one more question if you wouldn't mind answering.  You mentioned that this can be installed on up to two computers.  I was gifted a disc with this software on it, I have one computer that has a disc drive and a newer one that does not (which most newer computers have no disk drive anymore)  How do I get it installed on the computer that does not have the disc drive?  Once I register do I just go online to download and install this onto the computer without the disc drive?  I just want to be as prepared as I can before I install this, so there's no "surprises"


            Sorry for so many questions, thanks for helping a beginner!